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9 June 2020

Virtual property viewings: How to create a video tour of your property


Throughout the Coronavirus lockdown, there has been a significant demand for virtual property viewings.

These virtual viewings have allowed house-hunters to continue searching for their dream home from the comfort and safety of their current property.

As lockdown restrictions ease, these digital viewings will continue to play a large role in the property market. The public are being encouraged by the UK Government to initiate their property search online with initial viewings to be carried out virtually. It is suggested that a physical viewing should be carried out when a buyer is considering making an offer.

With such an emphasis on virtual viewings, it is important to make your property stand out from the rest. are sharing their top tips on how you can create a virtual tour to showcase your property.

Virtual property viewings: How to create a video tour of your property

Before filming a virtual viewing:

  • Remove all clutter

It is important to treat a virtual viewing the same way you would a physical viewing. Clear away any clutter that could distract the viewer. Ensuring that the floors and surfaces are clear will help to create a more spacious and airy aesthetic.

Storage space is important to many prospective buyers so make sure that you organise all cupboards and wardrobes as buyers may want to see inside.

  • Lighting is key

If possible, shoot your virtual tour during the day. This will allow viewers to see how much natural light your property receives. Open the curtains and let in as much light as possible. Turn on the lights in darker spaces so that viewers can see clearly.

  • Open all internal doors

Opening the internal doors will create a more spacious look and allow the viewer to get a feel for the internal layout of the home. Opening doors can also help to disperse natural light around the home and can really help to open a smaller hallway.

  • It’s all in the details

Like you would in a physical viewing, it can be helpful to add in small details that will make your interior more visually appealing. Placing some fresh flowers in a vase and filling a bowl full of fruit can inject some colour into a room. Adding some cushions and a throw to the beds can make the bedrooms feel warm and cosy. It is the little things that can make a big different to the interior.

  • Deep clean

Many vendors will deep clean their home before a viewing.

Unlike a physical viewing, when a single family might view one at a time, a virtual tour will allow an unlimited amount of people to view your property digitally so you want the interiors looking spick and span.

Follow’s six top tips for spring cleaning your home to get your property sparkling for your viewers.

  • Don’t forget the outdoor areas

The front garden is often the first impression that a viewer will receive so it is vital to make it a good one. By casting a critical eye over the garden, it is easier to imagine that you are viewing the property through the eyes of the potential buyer.

By cutting the grass, removing the weeds and trimming any overgrown plants, the garden will look maintained and loved.

If the garden shed is looking a little weather-worn, now might be a good time to repaint the exterior and fix any broken tiles on the roof.

What to do when filming a virtual viewing:

  • Make sure the video is high quality

Make sure that you have selected the highest quality before you start to film your virtual property viewing. A virtual viewing will help to sell your home and so you want to present it in the best light. A low-quality video can frustrate the viewer and can ultimately detract from your property listing.

  • Keep to a slow and steady pace

The viewer needs to see everything so keep your camera movements slow and steady. Allow the viewer to take in a room before moving to the next. Focus in on charming features that make your home stand out from the rest. The important thing is to take your time.

  • Think of your positioning

It may be a good idea to film a room from different areas. Start with a shot from the doorway so the viewer feels like they are walking into the room. You can then follow this shot with a video from the far corner of the room, helping the viewer to get a feel for how spacious the area is. Scan from wall to wall and ceiling to floor – make it as easy as possible for the viewer to imagine they are physically inside your home.

  • Show everything

A property viewing should let the prospective buyer see all elements of their potential new home. You should not attempt to cover up or avoid filming any not-so-great areas of the property. A viewer would see these areas if they were physically viewing the property so they should see these areas virtually.

  • Voice-over or no voice-over?

Speak with your selling agent before you begin to record your virtual property viewing. Ask them if they would like you to narrate the property tour or if they would like to add a voice-over when filming is complete.

Are you searching for some inspiration for your virtual property viewing?

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