18 March 2021

Six top tips for spring cleaning your home


The sun is starting to shine and the days are getting longer. Spring is finally on the way so now is a great time to start spring cleaning your home.

For many, a spring clean may feel like a chore but it doesn’t have to be as share their top tips on how to get your home sparkling for the warmer months.’s top tips for spring cleaning your home

1. Declutter

Image highlights a wooden table with number items on top. Image used in the six top tips for spring cleaning your home blog post.

We all have ‘that drawer.’ It is filled with batteries, old manuals for appliances we no longer have, multiple television remotes and old currencies. If you don’t know what to do with the object, it seems the drawer is the best place for it.

Spring cleaning provides a fresh start so now is the time to tackle the drawer. If it hasn’t been used in six months, what are the chances it will be used by next spring?

Clutter can accumulate in any area of the house. Spring is the best time to be ruthless. If it hasn’t been used in six months it may be time to let it go (seasonal objects excluded.) Decluttering the house will make additional room and leave your dwelling feeling more spacious.

2. Freshen up those floors

This image highlights a number of different floor brushes. Image used in the six top tips for spring cleaning your home blog post.

After a long and wet winter, floors can look a little worse for wear. While cleaning the floors is a weekly routine for many, doing a deep clean when spring rolls around can leave the house looking fresher and brighter. A deeper clean will help to lift any grime and help protect your floor from wear and tear.

Deep cleaning a carpet will help to restore colour and texture. Achieve these results from carpet cleaner and a high quality hoover, or you can also hire a professional.

For hard wood floors, a daily dust and sweep with a microfiber mop will help protect against dirt and dust. Gently mopping with a light mist of water each week will help to remove any stains.

A top tip: placing mats at a doorway is a great and affordable way to limit the amount of dirt entering the home!

3. The dreaded kitchen

Spring Cleaning Kitchen

Spring cleaning the kitchen is a task feared by many but once complete the results are completely worth it.

The freezer is an area where food can build up so easily. Now is the perfect time to go through the freezer drawers and remove left over food that is not going to be used. If ice has built up over the year, it is also a good time to defrost. Defrosting will enable a freezer to run better and gives you a chance to properly deep clean, ready to be filled again.

Deep cleaning the oven is never the nicest of tasks and one that many of us try and avoid. However, we should be aiming to deep clean that oven twice a year. There are many products readily available to help us with this dreaded task however, many of us already have two of the best oven cleaners in our homes: vinegar and baking soda!

Remove all the racks from the oven and mix some baking soda with water to form a paste. Spread this paste around the oven and leave on overnight. Wipe away the baking soda with a damp cloth and then apply the vinegar over any areas where the paste remains. Wipe clean and place your racks back into the oven. Voila!

4. New season new wardrobe

Clothes hanging from wooden hangers.

There is nothing like a new season to leave you longing for a new wardrobe. Time to pack away those jumpers for another year and replace with short sleeves and sandals. The wardrobe is also home to those items that can be worn all year round. If these pieces haven’t been worn in the last six months, they may be worth donating.

After a clear out of older pieces, it may also be helpful to organise pieces by colour or clothing type. This will leave it easier to spot all your favourite outfits! A tidy closet = a tidy mind.

5. Don’t forget the garden.

Colourful flowers in a garden

The garden is often the first impression that neighbours receive of your home so let’s make it a good one. Remove weeds from between pathways, power wash the garden tiles, sweep up stones and mow the lawn. Cutting the grass also leaves a lingering summer smell in the air.

Why not plant some fresh flowers to inject some colour into the garden?

6. Windows and walls

This image highlights a person cleaning a window of a house. Image used in the six top tips for spring cleaning your home blog post.

Throughout the dreary winter months, the windows can hold the remnants of the miserable weather. With heavy rain and fast winds, water marks and grime can remain on windows long after winter has passed. A clean and polish will soon remove these winter stamps and leave you with glistening windows ready to welcome the warmer months.

Dirt can also unknowingly gather on walls, this build up may leave them looking rather dull. A damp cloth will be quick to remove any grime. You may also choose to give your walls a fresh lick of paint helping them to pop.

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