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10 Houses With Great Gardens

Are you searching for a house with a great garden. Here are our top 10 houses with great gardens for sale this week in Northern Ireland. Gardens have become much more important because due to lockdown, everyone wants their own outdoor space to relax and entertain. We selected these homes because their owners have all made the most of their gardens.

The garden at 5 Broomhill Park

8 glorious gardens in Northern Ireland

Whether you are hoping to move to a home that offers outdoor space, or searching for some garden inspiration, you are sure to find it here as we showcase 8 glorious gardens in Northern Ireland from homes that are currently on the market.

Top ways to bring the green indoors

The humble house plant is officially hip again with low maintenance statement greenery the envy of every budding interiors stylist. This week, Róisín Carabine from Northern Woman Magazine gives us