26 March 2021

10 Garden Tips To Help Sell Your House


Here are 10 garden tips to help you sell your house without breaking the bank. Your garden can add up to 10% to the value of your house so make sure your outdoor space makes a good first impression.  In the last year gardens have become much more important when moving home, as everyone wants their own outdoor space to relax, entertain and enjoy some fresh air.

Clean & Tidy Up Your Garden For A Quick Sale

  1. Fix your fences and give them a fresh lick of paint or wood stain. Paint any gates so that when viewers approach your home, they are seeing it at its best.
  2. Trim all unruly hedges, overgrown trees, and plants so that viewers can move easily around the garden.
  3. Mow and edge your lawns or if your lawns are small but not looking their best you could install some fake grass for an instant fix.
  4. Tidy up all borders removing any weeds and putting down some decorative stones or bark to keep weeds at bay.
  5. Declutter – throw out any broken items and keep children’s toys to a minimum. Screen off any unsightly parts of your garden such as your bins with rush screens or trellis.
  6. Weed paths, patios and decking and power wash paths, patios and decking which will get rid of winter grime and moss.

Set The Scene In Your Garden To Improve Your Chances of Selling

7. People want to see a garden with clearly defined zones such as a relaxing seating area, outdoor dining/entertaining space.  If you don’t have any outdoor furniture buy or borrow a table and some chairs to show potential viewers how they could use the space.  Give old garden furniture a new lease of life with colourful outdoor paint or use pallets to make side tables or bench seating and add a few cushions to complete the look.  

8. Plants – whether you have a balcony or serious acreage every outdoor space will be improved with plants, shrubs, and flowers.  Planted pots will add instance colour and you can bring them with you when you move.  Put some planters with shrubs or a hanging basket by your front door and make sure you are presenting a good view of your garden from inside your house.

9. Make the most of any outdoor buildings you have such as a garage, shed, gazebo and make sure they are freshly painted and fit for use.  Declutter your garage and tidy it up so that viewers can see where they can put all their stuff.  Stage your shed or gazebo as a summer house perhaps with a bistro table and chairs.

10. If you really want to push the boat our there are all sorts of outdoor on trend accessories now that you could add to your garden such as sofas, bars, festoon lighting and waterproof area mats.  If you want any of this for your new home, then go ahead and invest to help sell your house.

We hope these 10 garden tips to help you sell your house are useful. Just as you would with inside your home you will need to keep your garden clean and tidy making sure it looks as it should before every viewing until you sell your home.

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