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Six top tips to prepare your home for a sale

Thinking of selling your home this spring? Not too sure how to start prepping your home for viewings? Well, look no further as share their top tips on how to prepare your home for a sale!

1. Declutter

Declutter your home

We have all heard the saying ‘home is where the heart is.’ While it is nice to call a house your home, it might be worth decluttering your property so that others can visualise living there. Cleaning up the dishes in the sink, picking up socks from the floor or putting away children’s toys will leave the place looking clean, fresh and spacious.

2. Spring Clean

Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring cleaning isn’t just for when the days get longer. Making your house shine not only creates a welcoming and fresh feel but also delivers that great first impression that you are longing for. Lie out fresh towels, wash the bed linen, mop the floors, deep clean the kitchen (don’t forget the oven!) polish off those surfaces and wash the windows inside and out. Never underestimate the power of a spring clean and it will leave your house smelling amazing too!

3. Minor repairs

Making Minor Repairs

We all know that potential buyers like to scrutinise every corner of their potential purchase. It may be worth touching up on flaky paint work, filling any holes in the walls, fixing any leaks, taking control of any damp patches, mending broken door hinges or sprucing up the roof on the back garden’s shed. Doing these minor repairs will lead to a picture-perfect house that ticks every box on a potential buyer’s list.

4. Take high quality photos

Taking the best photos of your home

Viewers can spend hours scrolling through agent websites and property portals looking for their dream home. Images usually provide the first impression of a house and having high quality photos will draw more attention to your property. Dig out that digital camera or hire a professional photographer. Make sure the rooms are well lit and organised in a manner that will highlight how spacious and bright your home really is.

5. Don’t forget the garden


If your house has a front garden, it is imperative that the exterior is as pristine as the inside. The gardens really do frame a house and provides the entrance to a potential dwelling. Repainting a garden fence, pulling out weeds from between pathways and cutting the grass leaves the garden looking manageable and picturesque.

6. Choosing the right estate agent for you

Choosing the right estate agents

With many agencies out there at the minute, it is important to find the one that is right for you. This may be a single agency while others may opt for multiple. Why not draw up a shortlist of potential agencies and visit their office? You could find out information on the fees they charge, their knowledge of the surrounding area and the different types of houses they have experience in selling.

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