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15 April 2020

A guide to staying productive when working from home


Many of us are now having to adjust to working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic. When we would usually be reporting to our desks, we are now finding ourselves working from our home office, the spare room or the kitchen table.

With such a change in the working environment, it can be difficult to adjust and remain productive at the same time.

Today, are sharing their tips on how you can stay productive when working remotely.

1. A good morning routine and a different sort of commute

A morning routine helps to set you up for the rest of the day – so let’s make it a good one.

While working from home might have its benefits such as missing the morning traffic jams, it is important to set your alarm for when you would normally wake as it helps to keep your body in its normal routine. The time that you once spent commuting will now be free and there are plenty of ways that you can spend this time in order to set you up for a productive day.

A quick exercise in the morning before heading to your home office will wake you both physically and mentally. Exercise can increase your mood, focus, energy and alertness, placing you in a great frame of mind for the beginning of your working day.

A yoga session can stretch your tired body and help to ease any worries or stresses by clearing your mind. Repeating positive affirmations during a yoga session is a great way to lift your mood and can also give you a goal to strive towards.

In order to work productively from home, you will need to imagine that you are in the office. Say no to working in pyjamas and get dressed every day. Even the simple task of changing into day clothes will create a distinction between work life and home life – a distinction that is important to retain whilst working remotely.

2. Declutter your work space

Whether you have a home office, or have taken over the kitchen table, it is important to keep your work area clutter-free and clean. Clutter can cause many distractions and can remind you of chores that need doing after work.

If your home office is the kitchen table, make sure to wash any dishes before starting work. If you are working in a spare room, clear away any distractions from your desk. Decluttering your area will help to keep your eye from wandering and your mind clear of distractions.

3. Light the light in

One of the great benefits of natural light is that it can make us more productive! If possible, set up your home office in a well-lit, well-ventilated room and close to the window.

Natural light can help us to feel more awake, happier and healthier. Research also suggests that exposure to natural light helps us to sleep longer and better at night. A good night sleep increases productivity and prepares us for another day of hard work at home.

4. Put your phone away

Personal phones are filled with distractions and we can easily while away the morning by playing games and scrolling through social media.

Activate the ‘do not disturb’ feature on your phone or place the device into aeroplane mode. That way, you will not receive any notifications or any personal phone calls that can distract you while working.

5. Take regular breaks

Taking regular screen breaks throughout the day is imperative to maintaining productivity. A break helps to refocus and re-energise and new ideas often pop into our heads when we step away from the screen.

Although we may be working from the comfort of our own home, it is important to take your lunch break. There are many things that you can do on your lunch break to refuel and rechange, helping you to get the most out of your afternoon. Click here to read’s blog on 6 things you can do on your lunch break while working from home.

6. Create boundaries

In order to remain productive, and keep your work and home life separate, you will need to set some home office rules. Close the door and only ask family members to disturb you if it is an emergency. Keep to your regular working hours and do not feel tempted to have a look at your emails after you have switched off your computer.

7. Create a home office ambience

Find the perfect desk set-up that works for you. Working from home allows you to personalise your office area to create a comfortable and productive space that is suited to your individual working style.

If you work better in an area that is bright and colourful, why not add some fresh flowers and house plants. If you prefer a calming and soothing environment, you can add candles and play music.

8. Stay connected

Working from home can often feel lonely and isolating so it is important to stay connected with your employers and work colleagues.

There are many computer programs, such as Skype and Microsoft Teams that allows you to communicate with your colleagues face-to-face (even if it is over a computer!) Set aside some time to schedule a video call with your team to see how they are coping while working remotely.

You can also use your breaks to check in with friends and family. Sometimes a chat and a cup of tea can lift your mood and increase your productivity levels.

9. Log off

Make sure to log off and pack away all your equipment at the end of the day. This will prevent you from checking those work emails and help to create a distinction between work and home life.

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