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7 April 2020

6 things to do on your lunch break


Working from home has become more widespread recently due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Although we may be working from the comfort of our own home, it is still important that we are taking regular breaks. are highlighting 6 things to do on your lunch break that will take you away from your computer screen and leave you feeling energised and motivated.

6 things to do on your lunch break

1. At home workout

A quick 15 – 30 minute exercise during your lunch break can benefit your day, your mind and your body!

You don’t even need to have gym equipment in your house to feel the benefits of a lunchtime workout. There are an abundance of virtual gym classes and free online videos to help motivate and guide you through a workout. Heavy household objects also make a great substitute for weights.

Exercise can reduce the feelings of fatigue and will help you to feel energised and reinvigorated for an afternoon in your home office.

Working out not only benefits you physically, but it can also have a positive impact on mental health too and helps to lower stress levels!

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2. Relax in your garden

If you are lucky to have a garden or a balcony during the Coronavirus outbreak, why not relax outdoors and enjoy the spring sunshine.

Getting your daily dose of Vitamin D will leave you feeling happier and healthier.

During your lunch break you could read a book, listen to a podcast or water your plants.

Getting some fresh air on your lunch break will leave you feeling more relaxed and motivated.

3. Get adventurous with cooking

Working from home means that many of us now have access to more kitchen appliances than we did in the office.

Now is the time to experiment and get adventurous with your cooking. Eating a hearty and healthy lunch is sure to keep your concentration and energy levels up. Foods such as fish, seeds, nuts and wholegrains are great at keeping your brain healthy.

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4. Meditate

Meditation is a great way of unwinding and releasing tension in your mind. Just 10 – 15 minutes of mindful meditation a day can help you to relax and can also relieve stress.

Finding a quiet spot and meditating over lunch can help to rest, re-focus and rejuvenate your body and brain, ready to take on any challenges that the afternoon throws at you.

Those quiet moments will also help to settle any worries that you may have and allow you to enjoy some ‘me time,’ which can be a rarity in today’s busy world.

5. Connect with your colleagues and friends

Lunch in the office is a very social time. It is a chance to leave your desk, catch-up with your colleagues and form new friendships at work.

Working from home can often feel lonely and isolating and so it is important to reach out and connect.

It has never been easier to connect with the outside world from the comfort of your home due to modern technologies.

Why not schedule a lunch date with your work colleagues over video messaging programs such as Skype or Microsoft Teams? The simple things such as a cup of tea, a chat and some face-to-face contact – even if it is over your laptop – can often lead to laughter and a boost in your mood.

Calligraphy writing

6. Learn something new

Now is a great time to get creative. Whether you are learning a new language, picking up an instrument for the first time, practising some calligraphy or painting a picture, setting time aside during your lunch to delve into something new can motivate and inspire.

A creative outlet will help to refocus your mind away from those morning meeting and spreadsheets. Therefore, when the afternoon arrives your mind will be clear and ready to take on the rest of the day. are also sharing their top tips for working from home. Discover how you can get the most out of working from home and transform your space to increase productivity.

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