Living in the city
19 April 2017

What will urban living of the future look like?


If you’re interested in urban living, are curious to find out more about urban regeneration and what it means for society, or are fascinated to hear about innovative ideas in relation to urban living spaces, we’ve come across a very interesting event that will address all of these very issues.

Living in the city, planning, design, and services for urban spaces is a very innovative seminar taking place at PLACE, the built environment centre for Northern Ireland, on 26th April.

It’s a 3 hour seminar but a quick look through the speaker list suggests a jam packed programme, chock-a-block with a number of top class speakers from lots of different organisations, both private and public.

If you happen to work in the fields of architecture, planning, housing, property, finance, or policy, or if you are simply curious to find out what the future holds for urban living and the environment, this looks like a pretty good place to start!

With tickets for this 3 hour seminar costing just £95+VAT (or £85+VAT if you happen to be a member of CIH), if this is your area of interest then, I think you’ll agree, this looks like great value for money.

Find out more about this event, or book your tickets now.  Alternatively, call CIH on 028 90778222.

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