28 October 2016

VOTE: Scariest ‘Haunted’ Building in Belfast?



We aint ‘friad of no Ghost (Buildings)!

Have a look at our selection of spooky, sinister and spine-tinglingly shocking structures.

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1. The Belvoir Park Hospital

Belvoir Park Hospital started its life as the Purdysburn Fever Hospital in the early 1900s. 

Named as Belvoir Park. it closed its doors in 2006 when the radiotherapy services transferred to the City Hospital. 

Rather than knock the building down, it remained standing and acted as an isolation centre which was protected by a private security team. 

The security guards shared their stories of black figures running around the site, reporting bizarre shrines being discovered at the near stream that ran upto the hospital grounds and even the discovery of mutilated animal corpses. 

2. Smithfield Market

Smithfield Market which is situated behind Castle Court Shopping Centre is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a female who drank herself to death.

The ghost is called Biddy and apparently Biddy was in love with a stall holder in the market, but after he moved on to bigger and better things in Dublin, she turned to alcohol to help aid her sorrows.

When her lover later died, he left Biddy some money which she tragically used to fund her drinking which then lead to her death, believing she would be reunited with her true love in the afterlife.

However, rumour has it that things did not go according to plan & her ghostly spirit stills roams the market, trying to find her true love.

3. Crumlin Road Gaol

Crumlin Road Gaol is accepted on a global scale as being the most famous of Belfast’s haunted locations.

Up until the year 1996 it was an active prison.

There have been numerous sightings, noises and unexplained events within the walls that housed the execution of 17 men over its 150 year history.

This is a typical story of the tortured souls that once were, that never go away!

4. York Road Railway Station

Railway stations are prime locations for ghosts to appear and at Belfast’s York Road Railway station, there have been numerous reported sightings and it’s yet to be confirmed if it’s the same figure being seen by witnesses. 

A ghostly figure has been reported to be sitting in the station’s canteen at night, which is always locked by one of the staff at closing time. 

There are also reports of a figure which may be the same one, however it has been spotted in the station’s running sheds. 

Legend has it that there was once a bungled wages snatch attempt at the station and during this attempted robbery, a male was either shot or beaten, later dying from his injuries. 

Could these sightings be that very same man? Staff at the station who work the night shift have also reported hearing disembodied footsteps.

Will we ever know the truth?

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