30 September 2016

Unwanted Guests for this Belfast Family


A Belfast family have been forced to move out of their home after catching a whopping 19 rats in 24 hours.

Michael & Paula McCann along with their two young children returned home from a family holiday to discover their loving home infested by furry rodents.

Wires from their electrical appliances had been chewed through and the floor was covered in rat faeces.

The couple living in the Rutland Street property believe the rats were able to overrun the house freely because they placed their pet cat in a local Cattery while they were on holiday.

The family have now temporary relocated to stay with friends, until the housing executive, who own the property, find an alternative solution to where the family can live.

Mr McCann said, “I caught eight rats in the first 12 hours of having the traps down, then another four, and over 24 hours I’d caught a total of 19. They were big, grey rats. The look of them was disgusting and to think they were in our home near our children was awful.”

Possibly any home owner’s worst nightmare!

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