21 June 2011

Tree Management and Preservation


Trees make an important contribution to the environment, creating a varied, interesting and attractive landscape.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

The Planning Service is responsible for making and enforcing Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). TPOs may be used to protect trees, groups of trees or woodlands, which add to the character and appearance of an area.

Why protect trees?

Trees should be protected because they:

  • enhance views
  • help define character and promote a sense of place
  • add colour and seasonal interest
  • support a wide variety of wildlife

Cutting down trees, groups of trees and woodland can destroy the settings of buildings or parts of a town. Also, proposals for extensions can sometimes threaten woodlands and trees.

Trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order

Tree Planning Orders may be made:

  • to prevent any action being carried out on a protected tree except without the prior consent of the Department
  • to secure replanting
  • in relation to applying for any consent under the Order

If a tree is protected by a TPO, the Department’s prior consent is required before it may be felled or pruned in any manner. Your local planning office will be able to provide information on protected trees and the location of conservation areas in your locality.

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