7 September 2016

Top 10 Energy-Efficiency Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home


Whether or not you are preparing your home for sale, or property for rent, it makes sense to explore ways to increase the value of your property.

1. Lighting

Changing your bulbs to energy-efficient lightbulbs can increase your property EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating by at least 1. Using energy-efficient lightbulbs instead of traditional filament bulbs will last much longer and will save you money on your electricity bills.
Light-Emitting-Diode (LED) lighting is another solution you may wish to consider. They also last significantly longer than filament bulbs, give off better light than either filament or standard energy-efficient bulbs and also give off little heat, making them very versatile and practical. LED lighting can look very stylish and can be a big plus-point for perspective buyers who view your home.

2. Air Quality & Circulation

Estate agents will always recommend that a well ventilated house will be more appealing to potential buyers. Stuffy, clammy or stale odours from a house, regardless of how beautifully decorated it is, will put off buyers. Simple solutions like Window Trickle Vents to regulate air flow can actually save you money on your heating bills. Fresh air heats up more quickly than stale uncirculated air.

Another tip would be to install a Drimaster Positive Input Ventilation system as featured here. Also known as Multiple Input Ventilation (MIV), PIV is a system that ensures fresh, filtered air is circulated throughout your home.

3. Remove Damp

Damp-proofing and the removal of damp insulation, floorboards and other materials from your home is essential, not just for energy-efficiency, but also the health of your family. Breathing problems such as asthma are often exacerbated from damp homes. There is also a pungent smell associated with damp homes that will put off potential buyers.

4. Insulate your home

Whether it be cavity wall, solid wall or loft insulation, insulation must be a consideration in your energy-efficiency plan. Why pay to heat your home, only to allow it to escape!

Paul Mooney, Director at local energy-efficiency firm, Carbon Catch Ltd* commented:

“Cavity Wall Insulation can save you up to £115 per year on your heating bills. With the government grants available now, the payback time can be as little as 18 months. Combined with loft insulation, the cost to heat your home plummets.

What some people don’t realise is that an insulated home can also keep out the heat. We have had a particularly good summer, but some very warm, uncomfortable nights as well. Insulation can give you full control over your home temperature, keeping out excess heat in the summer and the cold of winter”.

Carbon Catch are offering Propertynews users a free energy assessments on your home. To schedule your free home-energy assessment, click here.

5. Insulation Removal

Insulation has been around for some time, however as technology advances so does insulation materials. Your old insulation may actually be keeping the temperature of your home down. As cracks in your walls develop over time, water can seep in. Imagine a cold day and you wrap a cold blanket around you!
Insulation removal is a growing trend. Replacing old, damp insulation with modern materials can significantly boost your energy-efficiency and your EPC. More information on insulation removal can be found here.

6. Draught-proofing

There are simple ways to draught-proof your house, to block the unplanned gaps that let hot air out and cold air in. Windows and doors can be sealed with self-adhesive strips purchased from any good DIY store for example. Potential buyers may have an issue with your property during viewing if they suspect there may be a draught. The Energy-Saving Trust have a useful article and video on draught-proofing here.

7. Replace windows

Modern windows can add real value to a property. Windows are one of the first things that a potential buyer sees when viewing the property. A vendor should seriously consider replacing the windows before committing to sell.

8. Replace facia/PVC Doors

As with windows, the exterior facia and door make an immediate impression on buyers, from the first moment they view the property on as the exterior is typically the lead photo. Attract more views, and viewings, with a stylish door and facia. This expenditure could help you sell your property much quicker.

9. New Boiler / Servicing

As with the windows and doors, one of the first things buyers tell us that they look for is how modern the heating system is. Having a modern boiler that is regularly serviced is a massive plus for buyers. Again the initial expenditure could be worthwhile if it helps you confirm the sale quickly.

10. Neutral design

Both buyers and estate agents tell us, that a neutral colour-scheme can be attractive to a much wider potential-buyer audience. A preference for “non-traditional” colours and wallpaper may appeal to your personal taste, however buyers like to see a blank canvas when assessing whether your home is right for them. Clean, white walls are appealing to a wide-range of buyers and we would always recommend re-decorating to a neutral colour as a cost-effective way of appealing to more buyers.

*Carbon Catch Ltd is a local energy-efficiency company based just outside Belfast. Offering a range of energy services for homes and businesses including an exclusive FREE energy assessment for all Propertynews users.

To schedule your FREE energy assessment, click here.

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