25 July 2016

The Most Expensive House Ever Sold in China



Take a look inside the most expensive house ever sold in China – including 32 bedrooms and a very impressive wine cellar.

With a price tag of 1,000,000,000 Chinese Yuan (around £113million), this monster of a mansion is officially the most expensive house ever sold in China.

The mansion which is appropriately named Taohuayuan, which translates to ‘Utopia’ or ‘Peace Blossom Land,’ is situation on its own private island, covering 1663 acres, in the city of Suzchou’s Dusho Lake.

With 32 bedrooms, a wine cellar, lakeside swimming pool and magnificent gardens, it is quite the record breaking home.

The traditional Chinese features, allow the house to emphasise its uniqueness and beauty.

The majestic gardens (including a mist covered pond) take influence from the Classical Gardens of Suzhou.

The lakeside pool comes complete with spectacular views over the lake and also the city of Suzhou in the distance.

The entire mansion (72,441 square foot to be precise) took a total of three years to build, including the handcrafted brickwork curtesy of Xiangshanbang Traditional Architectural and Building Skills.

Inside of this stunning home, is just as impressive as the outside. All of the 32 bedrooms are purposely south facing for optimal lighting. The wine cellar is a statement feature of the home & is big enough to store enough alcohol for a lifetime.

Traditional east Asian styling, including colour schemes and furniture, add life to the interior of the house.

As well as being able to relax inside the house, you can also relax comfortably outside the house with the vast amount of outdoor space and the numerous courtyards.

Even with the majestic gardens, an outdoor swimming pool, wine cellar and the 32 bedrooms, you can also make use of the 32 bathrooms. There will be no fighting for the bathroom first thing in the morning in this house.

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