15 November 2016

The Chandler Group Launches Personal and Family Protection Business with New Premises and Jobs


Michael and Laura Chandler are proud to announce the opening of 360 Protection Choices – the first of its kind for personal, family, business and home insurance in Northern Ireland.

360 Protection Choices is the third business in the Chandler Group, joining Michael Chandler Estate Agents & MC Mortgage Choices.

The launch has seen the company acquire a third premises on the Ormeau Road in South East Belfast, creating instant roles for five personnel with further growth and expansion planned for 2017.

It was through setting up and running the MC Mortgage Choices division that husband and wife team Michael and Laura truly began understanding the importance of personal protection. As parents of four young children, running a household and multiple businesses, it became apparent to them that too many people were vulnerable to financial disaster should something happen to them or their partner, having witnessed first-hand the devastation it can cause to a family when the correct financial protection is not in place.

Over time it became a passion and a personal mission to introduce a specialist protection business to Northern Ireland designed to give people a true understanding of what they need to financially protect themselves, their family, their home and their businesses.

Commenting on their journey to launching the new service, Michael Chandler said:

“We were extremely moved and touched by what we discovered about families who had been looked after and cared for financially when disaster struck. It was devastating to hear of families who had no protection in place and lost their jobs, homes and life as they knew it – just because no one had taken the time to explain the importance of personal insurance, or because they thought they could not afford a small amount every month, but were happy to spend it on the less important things in life.

“We immediately knew that we wanted to make a difference to people’s lives, to ensure they have the right protection, with a quality product that was tailored to their personal circumstances and not just typical mortgage cover, or in a lot of people’s cases – no protection at all.

“Personal circumstances change all the time – people get married, divorced, have children, get promotions for example, and it is vital that their policies are reviewed constantly to coincide with their changing lifestyles and circumstances.

“This is why we created 360 Protection Choices – to raise awareness, to help families and people financially if disaster strikes, to do it honestly and professionally, providing quality insurance products that are tailored to suit each client.

“360 Protection Choices has highly qualified and trained advisors that will explain each product available in detail over a cup of coffee,” he continued. “We have created a relaxing environment to put people at ease while we explain the different policies, benefits and any small print, ensuring they understand what cover they have and what they are paying for.

“Everyone should be wary of purchasing life changing products from comparison websites or based on how cheap they are. When you have to call on a policy you will want someone there to help you, and to get the money paid quickly to the right people in an efficient manner. Where possible we will write our clients policies in Trust – ensuring the money is paid quickly, to the right person, in a tax efficient way.”

Laura Chandler, a fully qualified Protection Advisor, explained the very personal role she will play in the day-to-day running of the business:

“I felt so passionate about being able to help people that I will personally be advising clients on the best products to suit their circumstances. I am a mother of four and am personally responsible for twenty staff, so I fully appreciate the importance of being financially protected if something awful happened to me or my family.

“I have witnessed the devastation to a family when something totally unexpected happens. People think it couldn’t possibly happen to them, but it can and it is not a pleasant thing to watch a family’s lifestyle change so dramatically. Michael and I want to make a difference to people’s lives, and we truly believe we can with 360 Protection Choices.”

360 Protection Choices is the sister company of Michael Chandler Estate Agents and MC Mortgage Choices, making up the Chandler Group, now a one stop shop when it comes to property, mortgages and insurance.

For more information on Life Assurance, Family Protection, Income Protection, Critical Illness and Business Insurance please visit or telephone 02890 994 360.

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