15 September 2011

The Benefits of Recycled Furniture


With an ever increasing eco-conscious society and the current economic climate there are an increasing number of people recycling and reusing products. But what about furniture? Below are some of the benefits of purchasing recycled furnishings for your home.

The environmental benefit is obvious. The reuse of furnishings prevents perfectly functional, quality goods from being dumped, thus reducing waste to landfill. Natural resources are also conserved as fewer raw materials are needed for the refurbishment process than for the manufacturing of new goods. The refurbishment process also requires less energy and so the amount of grey energy (energy incurred in production) is reduced.

Equally obvious are the economic impacts from choosing recycled furniture. Goods are revamped so they look and feel as good as new, except without the high price tag.

A third benefit is that instead of a pre-determined style, you can design your own furnishings. The ‘Inspiration Service’ at VSL allows you to do just that. For more information see or call directly on 02892 602 479.

The result is a truly unique piece of furniture, designed by you, for you. Recycled furniture is able to maintain its character and history, whilst being a fashionable and personal addition to your home.

For more information on the work that VSL does please call 02892 602479 or visit or

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