6 January 2012

Templeton Robinson Market Update


2011 was another tough year which realistically was what we all expected. However heading into 2012 we are still positive that the number of overall transactions are steadily moving in the right direction. The final quarter of last year was by far our best numbers wise and although we are only just into 2012 this positive trend continued throughout the Christmas period which is encouraging for us all.

Don’t get me wrong we at Templeton Robinson are not jumping up and down with excitement and this coming year is going to be tough also but we do very much feel things are slowly continuing to improve.


From any sellers point of view there are very much buyers out there. However with such extensive choice available sellers have to be realistic and it is vital they listen to what their agent has to say and more importantly what the current comparable market evidence is telling them.

From any buyers point of view it is a bit more simple in that you can be confident that any property you purchase you are getting it at the right price as it is a buyers market and nobody is paying over the odds.

Please remember that in the majority of cases sellers become buyers and thus we at Templeton Robinson feel there is no better time to move house.

Patrick Palmer, Partner of Templeton Robinson Estate Agents

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