Richard Johnson
6 October 2011

Special Agent: Homes expert with sporting ambition


Weekly focus on who’s who in our local estate agents

Name Richard Johnson

Age 26

Where you live? Belfast

Married? Single

Who do you work for? Pinkerton Murray Estate Agents in Bangor

What brought you into the business?

Victoria Pinkerton brought me into estate agency at an early age and taught me everything I know about the business.

Who has inspired you in the property world?

Again it would be Victoria Pinkerton as she has been there for me from the start.

What do you have sitting on your desk?

iPhone, diary, computer and far too many files!

Downtime is? Playing cricket, hockey or golf, watching football and going to the cinema.

Do you do lunch? Yes. The sandwich shop — seven ate nine in Bangor is a big favourite of mine!

What qualifications do you think are essential for estate agency?

I think good IT and business qualifications are important, as well as personality and a professional approach.

What did you want to be when you were a child? Teacher or fireman.

If you could give it all up tomorrow, where in the world would you move to, and what would you do?

Move to a warmer location like Florida and play golf.

Any unfulfilled ambitions? To be a professional sportsman and travel the world, getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to do something you love.

What is the most common misconception people have about estate agents?

That we all drive around in big BMWs, wear sharp suits and are untrustworthy.

Your top tip for house-hunters is:

Only buy a house that you can realistically afford as there is no point in overstretching. If you do, you will end up with no money to enjoy the house and yourself.

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