14 June 2016’s Top 10 Home Hacks




Staying in this summer?

Make the most of your home with our top 10 DIY hacks!



1. Too many books and nowhere to put them? Check out these quirky bookshelves.

2. Use an old picture frame as a Memo Board!

3. Wall baskets can be used to store your towels in the bathroom or use an old wine rack from the kitchen.

4. Hide your alarm panel or thermostat behind a hinged canvas picture. Sneaky!

5. Got an old CD rack which you no longer use? Sand it down, paint it & turn it into a shelf for the bathroom.

6. Use old door knobs as coat hangers or a towel rack in the bathroom.

7. Need to hang your ironing board? Try using two coat hangers. It works a treat!

8. Improve the lighting in your wardrobe with fairy lights/Christmas lights.

9. You’ll never throw out a chest of drawers again! Paint it, change the handles and nail it to a wall to make a funky shelf for your bedroom.

10. Too many keys? Paint the tops of each key a different colour of nail varnish to make it easier to differentiate between them. 

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