29 June 2017

Property Ladder – Property charity appeal for fire victims


Property Industry charity LandAid has launched an urgent two week appeal* to businesses and business leaders within the property industry to help raise funds for those affected by the tower block fire in West London.

The charity is working closely with the British Red Cross and will coordinate funds to ensure they go directly to victims and their families.

Many individuals have already responded to the urgent appeals made across the media, LandAid is asking businesses to step forward. 

The appeal aims to help provide long term support to those affected. 

Many companies across the UK have already dug deep. 

CEO Paul Morrish said: “The tragedy has left hundreds of people with nowhere to go, their lives in utter ruins. 

As an industry, we are in a unique position to help. The immediate priority is money. Longer term, we need to work with key stakeholders to see how we can support the sort of dramatic changes needed to avoid this sort of tragedy ever happening again.” 

The money raised will go directly to families affected by the fire and its aftermath to help re-build both their lives and their community. LandAid continues to work towards ending youth homelessness. 

“However, we see this tragedy as an extension of our mission and an acute reminder of the impact that unsuitable and unsafe housing can have on the lives of those around us,” adds Paul Morrish. 

If you would like to support the appeal you can contact Paul Morrish on 0787 900 6776 or email him at or visit the website, 

LandAid has also helped to fund projects in Northern Ireland. 

The charity awarded £100,000 to the Belfast Buildings Trust for the renovation of an iconic church in North Belfast. 

The funding was used as part of plans to establish a hospitality training academy. The grant will help convert the Carlisle Memorial Church, which has been derelict for three decades, into a community facility for young people. 

*This appeal ends Friday 30th June 2017

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