30 June 2016

Property Ladder – Home Techology Guide


Research has shown that many people moving into new build homes struggle with the modern technology, so much so that the NHBC Foundation has published a guide to help.

The Home Comforts Guidance on using ventilation, heating and renewable energy systems is full of advice on the operation and maintenance of new home technology.

The incorrect use of home ventilation for example can lead to an increase in condensation, mould and air pollutants which can affect health and the comfort of your home which is why the guide is worth a look.

Home Comforts provides easy to understand information on ventilation, solar energy systems, heat pumps and heating controls. In each case it explains what the particular system does, how it works and its main benefits – enabling homeowners to take full advantage of the benefits the new technologies bring.

Previous NHBC Foundation research shows that new homes use around half of the energy used by a typical improved home built in the Victorian era, yet many of the new systems are relatively new technology that may be unfamiliar to home owners.

As a result patterns of use can vary between different households, sometimes resulting in poor or disappointing performance.

Understanding how to operate and maintain these systems is vital in ensuring they work effectively and efficiently.

Neil Smith, Head of Research & Innovation at NHBC said: “New homes offer excellent levels of comfort and energy efficiency, but some homeowners are left baffled by the latest ventilation, heating and energy saving systems.

“So that these work property its essential for people to know how to use the controls, can make sure their homes are properly ventilated and understand how renewable technologies operate.

“From the basics of thermostat control to the maintenance of solar energy systems, this practical guide enables homeowners to take full advantage of these technologies.”

You can download the free guide online

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