23 March 2017

Private landlords and letting agents can now get qualified online for less!


If you’re a private landlord or a letting agent, I think you’ll agree with us when we say that being a property professional is not quite as straightforward as many people who are not involved in property on a professional level, might believe!

Far from being ‘money for old rope’, to coin a phrase, being a private landlord or managing a property on behalf of a landlord, is actually an incredibly responsible profession that requires a wide range of very diverse skills including: knowledge of the law, an detailed knowledge of tax and insurance and of course, a comprehensive understanding of the rights and obligations of tenants.

But while ‘assumed knowledge’ was once the only option for private landlords in the absence of formal training, the learning 2 let programme, delivered by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), now offers tailored and bespoke training, aimed specifically at helping private landlords and letting agents to become better informed.

A tailored level 2 qualification that costs just £100!

Costing just £100 in total (the course is in receipt of bursary funding from the Department for Communities which makes it incredibly affordable), this is a fully accredited level 2 award that covers a wide range of subjects under three highly practical modules: tenancy and the law, property and tenancy management, and customer care in the private sector.

And best of all, you can now choose online or classroom learning!

To ensure that this course is fully accessible to you it’s now being offered as an online course, in addition to the traditional classroom learning style.

Learners who choose the online option can access online learning materials and resources, look at links, test their knowledge, and participate in an online forum. So, not only is this a really interactive learning option, it also gives you the flexibility to do it in your own time and from the comfort of your own desk.

To find out more about upcoming learning 2 let courses, for further information, or to book your place on either an online or classroom based course, please visit or call CIH on 028 9077 8222.

Article published on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Housing NI

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