2 August 2016

Never Judge a Book by its Cover


Are you throwing your money down the drain?

Do you need a little inspiration for spending your spare cash?

One very spontaneous buyer from Surrey can help with just that.

Some places are just not made to be homes, but budding developer David Greaney made the impossible possible.

A former public toilet building (yes – you read that right) sold for nearly £300,000 after David converted it into a semi-detached home.

The public toilet dwelling was located on a small plot of land in the posh area of Surrey; Ewell Village. This building however was knocked down and rebuilt into two stunning houses, according to local estate agents.

One of the semi-detached houses had an asking price of £285,000 (£70,000 more than the average price of homes in Britain) and not surprisingly enough the sale was successful.

Each of the two houses have been smartly built to take up half of the building each – but still providing enough space for an ideal home.

With understandable reasons, local residents objected to the development of the public house who debated the building work would cause disruptions to the locals and passing traffic. But David insisted the building with the public toilets needed to be knocked down.

The public toilets were ridden with needles, vermin and asbestos however successfully building the semi-detached residence, removed all sight of these gruesome extras.

Even with some objection from the local residents, not everyone was in the same boat. Some residents welcomes the new project to the area expressing that they though it was great that developers like David were still able to come across small sites and see the potential.

The toilet dwelling was first auctioned off by Epsom council in 2012 for a total of £68,000. The original buyer of the dwelling then sold the property for a second time but for an undisclosed amount, although it was rumoured to be around £80,000.

Local estate agents boast how stylish and elegant the properties are, both including one bedroom, downstairs cloakrooms and en-suite facilities.

The houses boast masses of natural light and a generously spacious accommodation, even for such a small spot.

The properties come with a rear courtyard (because no house is complete without a garden) which is closed off with an outer brick wall and the interior of the building includes under-ground heating and double glazed windows.

Only one half of the property however has been reported to be sold, however the second half had been previously advertised for £300,000.

The interior is decorated with a clean contemporary design with the upstairs of the house support a double glazed triangle shape window.

The en-suite facilities include a push button flush facility and a wall mounted hand wash basin.

There is also a novelty double glazed port hole window in the shower room too.

There are two toilets in each of the houses – one up and one down. Just so you so don’t get caught out at any time of the day.

The main living space on the lower floor includes cabling for Sky TV and a thermostat to control the under floor heating.

And although the property only have one bedroom, storage space is no issue with the built in wardrobes and storage cupboards in the bedroom.

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