30 January 2019

McGeown Estate Agents becomes first in Northern Ireland to launch Chatbot


McGeown Estate Agents are delighted to announce the launch of a chatbot on Facebook Messenger and their website which can be used to arrange property viewings, valuations and qualify prospective tenants and buyers. This service can also be utilised to report repairs and help tenants to address property issues from their smart property.

The service is powered by Syndeo, a digital customer service technology company that offers intelligent chatbot technology for estate agents.

Syndeo helps potential clients schedule appointments at any time of the day or night.  Syndeo also enables McGeown Estate Agents to communicate with customers outside office hours providing a truly 24/7 service.

McGeown’s new AI Property AI Property Chatbot by Syndeo

Danny McGeown, owner of McGeown Estate Agents said: “At McGeown’s, we are thinking about how we can improve customer experience. Increasingly, our clients are connecting with us digitally rather than over the phone. They browse properties online and they also follow us on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Calling us during office hours to schedule a viewing or report a repair keeps us busy but it can be a hassle for clients. It became evident that we could really benefit from a digital assistant powered by Syndeo, a 24h/7 service that is able to fully meet client needs and demands.”

“We are still in the early stage of adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies in the real estate industry. Its introduction isn’t just a trend, but an ever-growing arena, giving estate agents like McGeown’s the opportunity to communicate and sell to their clients in new and exciting ways. We see messaging platforms as a key enabler of conversations between businesses and their clients as we move to an era where digital communication is fast becoming the preferred choice for consumers. The most forward-thinking companies will turn to AI and chatbot technology to meet these new consumer demands,” said Syndeo COO Catherine Ewings.

Mr McGeown added: “The first inclination of most people when they want to chat to friends or family is to message them via platforms such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp rather than make a voice call.  I wanted our clients to be able to communicate with us in the same convenient way and at a time that suits them. Within a few weeks, Syndeo was able to provide us with the technology to add a digital aspect to our business in a simple and undaunting way.  We are a local estate agent but we keep an eye on developments in ‘Proptech’.  It has become essential to take ownership of the direction in which the property industry is heading and be proactive about future proofing our position in the new digital economy.  Working more efficiently helps us save time and therefore money but more importantly it improves our customer service”.

Find out more about Syndeo here

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