8 July 2016

Make the Most of your Home Office


Are you one of the lucky people who have a job working from home?

Have you got a spare room or dark dull office space which is in need of a of bit TLC?

Check out our top 10 home office ideas, perfect for your personal home work station. 


1. Make a statement and be bold!
Bright colours, striking patterns and mixed fabrics make for chic savvy office space. With an office like this you will be guaranteed to make a statement with your clients!

2. E is for Eccentric
With odd little ornaments & stylish uses for your family heirlooms – provides for a quirky and nostalgic work room.

3. Make that room pop!
White is a bright and breezy colour, but make your room pop by adding coloured furnishing. Brightly coloured curtains and coloured pattern cushions can really make a difference in your white canvas office. 

4. No spare room? How about too much space?
If you don’t have a spare room to turn into an office, don’t panic. Using your free space smartly can provide a perfect work area.

5. Don’t be lazy, Do it Yourself
Create your own calendar wall to help keep your own track with appointments or deadlines. Make it yourself with chalkboard paint, wooden letters and paper tags. It’s that easy!

6. Take it outside
The fresh air, the chirping birds and sunshine. Stock up on your vitamin D intake and bring your office space outside. (Okay, it might not be practical in the winter, but we can still dream)

7. Give it the Rustic look
An old table sanded and polished, a few ragged books, maps or old tattered posters and type writer because computers are old school, make an awesome rustic home office.

8. Office on wheels
This office is literally on wheels! You can take it out and put it away as and when you need it. Sneaky!

9. Studio Office
A shed at the bottom of your garden is perfect for this studio office. Add your own touches with miss matched furniture and create the perfect place to escape a busy household.

10. Utilise your landing
Turn your landing space into a perfect little office. No need for spare rooms or a bedroom office, put it in the corner and still have a perfect spot to work. 

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