16 July 2015



Local housing specialists WJ Law Contracts Ltd have announced their new structure this week having teamed up with new equity partners. The equity partners have invested in the WJ Law ethos and customers focused housing and bring both capital and other skills into the mix.

WJ Law Contracts have been behind many of Northern Ireland’s most highly regarded housing schemes since their inception back in 1903, including the multi award winning Ballantine Garden Village in Lisburn. Indeed twice in the last 10 years WJ Law managers have won the best housing site in Northern Ireland via the NHBC pride in the Job Awards.

Wirefox, the new partners have acquired the WJ Law lands and are bringing their own housing lands to the table for WJ Law to construct as well as equity for new projects and further multi skills of architecture, property and  project management.

This new structure will see the previous land owning company, WJ Law & Co LLP enter administration, as part of a managed process. The only creditor of WJ Law & Co LLP was Danske Bank, and this process marks the culmination of 12 months of negotiations with them, and the announcement comes with their blessing.

Speaking this week, Executive Chairman David Law stated: “we are thrilled to be able to announce this seamless new combination of the WJ Law culture and competencies with the capital and team ethos that Wirefox have. Together we cannot wait to grow our 112 year old family business by doing more of the things that we do well: namely making happy customers.”


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