Learn to let
21 June 2018

Learning 2 Let: a great opportunity for private landlords & letting agents to upskill for just £100


CIH (Chartered Institute of Housing) Northern Ireland has been rolling out its innovative ‘Learning 2 Let’ landlord training programme across the country since early 2016.

But if you’re a private landlord and you haven’t already attended this course, the good news is that a number of new courses have been announced, starting in September and running right through to January 2019.

So why would we recommend that you attend this course (if you haven’t already done so? Well, here are 3 great reasons for starters:

(i) Managing residential property has never been more challenging:

Where once renting a private property was seen as a way to make easy money, nowadays private residential tenancies are strictly regulated in terms of tenancy and deposit registration, equality and diversity, and property upkeep and maintenance.

(ii) 3 practical modules will ensure you’re up to date in all areas

Tenants are increasingly au-fait with their legal rights and obligations, so as a landlord or property manager, you have simply got to be up to speed in all areas. Remember, when you rent out private property, you’re running a business: and no different to any other business owner, to get the most from it, you’ve got to know it inside out.    

(iii) Once you’re a registered landlord, the cost is just £100

Because Learning 2 Let is in receipt of bursary support from the Department for Communities, the total cost of the course for all registered private landlords is just £100.

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