15 September 2011

In with the Old


Have you ever been in the following situation? You have a beautiful new house, full of old-fashioned furniture, but you loathe throwing away good quality functional furniture in favour of fashion.

This is a common predicament for the modern homeowner and one which is becoming more and more common in this current economic climate. As the cost of living increases , making your money go further is becoming a goal for each and every one of us.

So how about keeping your old furniture and getting brand new style all at the same time and for a minimal price? The main requirement is an active imagination. Then all kinds of alterations can be made to an existing piece. Paints, wallpaper, decorative handles; the list of what can be added or changed on a piece is endless and inexpensive. Most items can be purchased in hardware stores and the savvy shopper can look out for sales to cut the price once again.

And the results! A totally unique piece of furniture, personalised to your specification and suited to your style.

Off course not everyone has the design gene, nor the time and energy required to transform furnishings themselves. This is where the Inspiration service at VSL comes in. Clients can work with the in-house design team to have their ideas realised and delivered to their door. VSL are so passionate about recycling they are willing to transform your home at a low cost.

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