2 May 2018

How to love more art in your home


Hang your pictures like a pro. The latest trends are for gallery walls, leaning arrangements, oversized, singular pieces and taped displays.

love art gallery wall nw



Grouped collections are an excellent way of using up the empty space on a large wall, plus it allows you to show off more of your personality in the display. This arrangement works well because it uses a few key colours – mustard, black, white – to tie the different images together. These colours are also picked up in the furnishings.


Ben de Lisi wall art from £20; lightbox £30; cushions from £10;

magazine rack £32; vase from £12; mug £18; cup £25; rug £360;

chaise £1,550; table £80; pendant £95, all from Debenhams.


love art oliver bonas


A singular display works best when it is given sufficient breathing space to be impactful – that means not hanging anything near it. It can be one oversized piece that fills an entire wall or one carefully chosen smaller piece thoughtfully hung above a fireplace, a chair or in an alcove.
‘Blocks Blue’ canvas painting, 160cm x 120cm from, £1,726


love art wall lean



Artwork doesn’t always have to be hung. It’s all about leaning these days. For an alternative display lean framed pieces against the wall atop of a sideboard, dresser or piano and add interest and texture by overlapping the frames.


Wall art from £60, Oliver Bonas, Belfast







Love art taped display


Be inspired by this bedside arrangement by Ikea. Use washi tape to hang and display your favourite photographs or inspirational images.

It’s purse-friendly and very on trend. Choose black and white pics or themed images for added impact.





Love art the creative cluster THE CREATIVE CLUSTER

Themed displays always look more effective
and put together than those that don’t.
This seemingly disparate arrangement of
different sized wall hung images and others
placed on a picture ledge is linked by one
central concept. Large leafy potted plants
and botanical-inspired soft furnishings add
Multi palm print cushion £13; navy fringe edge
velvet cushion £13; picture frames from £5, all from B&Q 





Love art floor show


Aside from looking super chic and casual,
sitting art on the floor makes for a versatile
display that is easily changed.
The secret to its success is all about
mixing pieces of varying heights and even
incorporating other propped objects like
mirrors, empty frames and sculptures. For
added punch combine your display with a

Balham leather chair £349; fringed cushion £14;
Giraffe framed print £20, all from Dunelm.





Love art complimentary pairing THE COMPLEMENTARY PAIRING

If you have two same scale pieces that are
similar in style, subject matter or colour,
then displaying them together will really
make your artwork stand out.

Peacock fine art print & Hummingbird fine art
print from, £25 each


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