23 January 2017

Here’s why being a good private landlord means being an excellent multi-tasker!


Renting a property and working as a private landlord might, to the uninitiated, appear to be a fairly straightforward profession: all you do is get some tenants in situ and watch the money roll in each month, right?

Well actually, no – not exactly.

The truth is, being a private landlord is a profession which brings with it a lot of responsibility:  private landlords not only have a duty of care to their tenants when it comes to providing them with a comfortable home that is safe and habitable, they must also ensure that they are fully compliant with all of their legal obligations, including all the following:

  •  understanding the different types of tenancies
  •  understanding their legal obligations when offering a home to let
  •  understanding their responsibilities before, during, and after a tenancy
  •  understanding the rights and obligations of tenants
  •  understanding the law in respect of equality and diversity
  •  understanding tax and property insurance obligations

So yes, it’s safe to say that there is always a lot more to being a private landlord than might initially meet the eye and just as with any other profession, being a good private landlord requires ongoing learning and upskilling.

The fact is property law and statutory regulations are ever-evolving when it comes to the private rented sector; that’s why being a compliant and fair landlord means being on top of the many different issues which can suddenly result in very choppy waters!

Don’t worry – help is at hand!


Rather than just talking about issues that can affect your professional (and in the case of the private landlord profession), your personal life, we like to offer helpful solutions and useful resources that we think will make life that bit easier.

So, with this in mind, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Northern Ireland is currently offering a ‘Learning 2 Let’ course, aimed specifically at helping private landlords and letting agents to become better informed.

Costing just £100 in total (it’s in receipt of bursary funding from the Department for Communities), this is an accredited level 2 award that covers a wide range of subjects under three highly practical modules: tenancy and the law, property and tenancy management, customer care in the private sector.


With a number of courses taking place at different locations across Northern Ireland over the coming months, and with the course also now available as an online option, it’s highly accessible so get booking!

For full details or to book a place, please visit or call CIH on 028 9077 8222. 

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