2 April 2014

Floor Plans – Your Best Shot at a Sale?


One of the most effective marketing tools, which are most sought after by buyers is a floor plan of your home. But not all floor plans are equal!

According to research carried out by ‘Right Move’ one third of buyers said that they were less likely to enquire about a property without a floor plan.

They stated that they wanted to see where rooms fit in relation to other rooms and to understand the flow of the property, and floor plan is undoubtedly the best way to gather this information.

On the floor plan itself, buyers want to see room dimensions. House hunters rated room dimensions as the most important feature when looking at a floor plan.

A floor plan is more important than the main image on summary description. Right Move also states that – other than the number of images a property has, a floor plan is most important when looking for property.

One buyer commented that ‘Pictures can be deceptive, a floor plan is more definite’ and another said ‘I don’t want to waste unnecessary time being misled by good photos’.

This is probably one of the reasons that 1 in 5 buyers would ignore a property listing completely or only re-visit if there was nothing else that caught their eye, if a property was without a floor plan.

This research shows that floor plans form a vital part of many buyers research process…. Are you missing out?

‘The Negotiatior’ recently explored the different marketing strategies that agents can adopt to make their properties stand out from the crowd, especially when marketed on portal sites.

Of course with so much competition out there, savvy marketing is crucial.

Recommendations such as good photos, creative descriptions and effective portal services all contribute to the best returns on marketing investment. No surprise there!

Here’s an interesting statistic for you though, properties marketed with a floor plan generate a whopping 30% more interest than properties without one!!

Reasons to use high quality floor plans don’t get any clearer than that!

Don’t get poor quality plans!

The quality of the floor plan is also important. Something is better than nothing but many look like they have been drawn by a child with no dimensions written on them, no detailing (i.e. kitchen units, bath etc) and no indication of aspect.

It is important to use a professionally accredited company to produce floor plans not just because the quality will be much superior but are you prepared to be sued if the measurements or details are inaccurate?

A professional company such as Smart Property Marketing Ltd will not just carry professional and public liability insurances, they will have been trained and certified to draw floor plans to the highest industry standards (RICS Code of Measuring Practice).

By using such a company, you can rest easy knowing that if there is an error in the plan they will carry the responsibility.

If you do not instruct such a company – be aware – you will be liable for the accuracy of the floor plan – even if you contract this work to another party.

Always check their credentials and qualifications as it may lead to a visit to court if a buyer discovers inaccuracies in the plan.

Selling or letting, floor plans really do make a difference!

The question is can you afford not to have one?

For further information you can contact Northern Ireland’s premier property marketing company – SMART Property Marketing Ltd.

Shaun Burns

SMART Property Marketing Ltd


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