Robin Lyons
9 February 2012

Estate Agent by day, Top Gear by night


Robin Lyons has worked for Templeton Robinson Estate Agents Ballyhackamore for 6 years and enjoys the variation that his job brings on a daily basis. The interaction with people and satisfaction felt when a deal completes by all parties involved are the aspects of the job that Robin finds most enjoyable.

What many people who meet Robin on a daily basis may be surprised to know is that he has been involved in Autotesting for a number of years, and has starred on Top Gear and TV  car adverts.  It all started with a telephone call from Paul Swift of Paul Swift Stunt Driving – himself an International Autotest Driver – who invited Robin to a trial for the Top Gear Live stunt team. Immediately he was chosen to go to the Top Gear live show at the Nuremburg Ring in Germany.

Robin commented on his autotesting experience, “Practising consists of 4 to 5 days prior to the show and everything must be inch-perfect with the stunts taking place in such a restricted space. I drive everything from a Ford Focus to a Mclaren MP4 -12C … that is definitely one of the perks of the job. However, it may sound glamorous but a lot of hard work, planning and rehearsal takes place to make the shows exciting and fun to watch. Another bonus is seeing places in different countries which I otherwise wouldn’t get to.”

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