15 August 2016

Do UK Homeowners Know More About Their Homes or The Kardashian Family?


When buying a house, as the new owner, there lies some responsibility with you of remembering the key information about your new home.

This information can include the age of the property, any repairs or restoration the house has been subjected to and the price you paid to purchase it.

However, the longer people tend to stay in the one place, these pieces of information tend to be remembered less or deemed unimportant and eventually people will forget them altogether.

Although you may have forgotten this information, if you decide to sell your property, these are the types of subjects you can be expected to be quizzed about by potential buyers or agents.

CastleSmart Online Estate Agents quizzed members of the British public about these specific topics. They questioned their Facebook followers and emailing list by simply asking ‘Could you tell us what your home is worth in the current market?’ They surveyed a total of 1000 UK homeowners and the results are pretty intriguing.

From the first initial question CastleSmart gathered, shows that less than half the people who answered the question are fully aware of their current home price, with the remaining people either having no idea or being uncertain.

Asking various other questions, including naming the Kardashian sisters, CastleSmart were able to compare and report which is a hotter topic – your house or the Kardashians.

View CastleSmart’s full report here.

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