23 October 2013

Buying in Northern Ireland?


Buying in Northern Ireland has not been high up the list of priorities for international property investors. But that seems to be changing as we begin to see an increase in people from abroad – usually the US, Canada and other English-speaking nations –  purchasing houses in the province.

One happy buyer in Northern Ireland is property developer Gary McCausland, who recently emerged as the new owner of Rory McIlroy’s former home in County Down. The 24-year-old sold his Robinhall House earlier this year when he moved to Pal Beach in Florida.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr McCausland said the house, which has golf practice areas on its 14-acre grounds, was “an amazing place”.

The average price in Northern Ireland rose to £130,000 in August. But houses in the province still represent good value when compared to just six years ago – average values remain down around 50 per cent on peak prices in summer 2007.

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