Young couple moving home. Someone is handing the couple the key to their new home.

Tips when moving house in Northern Ireland


Are you planning on moving to a new property? Keep yourself right during this busy time by following our checklist. This list provides many tips when moving house to ensure this process is stress-free and enjoyable.

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One month before the move (or when completion date is confirmed if before or after):

[ ] Have a file to collect all documents in connection with the move. It’s best to have these documents in the one place.

[ ] Get a price quotation for your completion date from two or three reputable removal firms. Ask for written confirmation that the removal firm is insured.

[ ] Make travel arrangements for the day of the move if long distances are involved.

[ ] Notify landlord if moving out of rented accommodation.

[ ] Contact telephone company to arrange for installation of phone line at new property.

[ ] Inform telephone, electric and gas companies and arrange to have meters read.

[ ] Make provisional time off work arrangements.

[ ] Begin clearing present home of unwanted items.

[ ] Begin packing non-essential ornaments in boxes labelled by room for new property.

Two weeks before the move:

[ ] Inform Post Office of new postal address and arrange for redirection of post after completion.

[ ] Book pets into care or make family arrangements for big day.

[ ] Pack seldom used articles of clothing.

[ ] Mail out change of address cards and don’t forget to include doctor, dentist, optician and vet.

One week before the move:

[ ] Notify Rates Office of move.

[ ] Cancel milkman and newspapers.

[ ] Confirm arrangements with BT, Internet provider and gas/electric provider etc.

[ ] Make sure electric meter will be read on completion day.

[ ] Contact TV Licence and inform them of your move.

[ ] Confirm arrangements with removal firm.

[ ] Finish the rest of the packing.

[ ] Notify neighbours that you are leaving.

One day before the move:

[ ] Pack emergency rations to carry with you.

[ ] Check each room to make sure all is going to plan.

[ ] Defrost fridge/freezer.

[ ] Make sure that house is clean for new owners.

[ ] Separate out essential kitchen utensils and toaster so that you have something to use in the initial hours and days of moving.

[ ] Take down curtains and blinds if they are not to be left at the property.

Moving day:

[ ] Take a note of all meter readings.

[ ] Do final checks around home.

[ ] Close and lock all the doors and windows.

[ ] Leave key with solicitor or agent.

Now that you have moved in to your new home:

[ ] Clean if necessary.

[ ] Unpack and organise bedroom essentials first.

[ ] Organise kitchen second.

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