Advice when Buying a Property from Abroad


Moving to Northern Ireland may be the dream move that you have long been hoping for making the most of your money is all important to make sure you get off on the best footing possible.  Here’s some advice to ensure you can save a little bit of cash for your pocket….

Currency Exchange

Choosing the right currency specialist company could save you up to 4% of the amount you transfer overseas, compared to using a bank.

Banks regularly give unfair exchange rates to their customers; in some cases the customer doesn’t even know the exchange rate until after the transfer has been made. As well as giving a poor rate, they can also charge unnecessary transfer fees, of up to £40.

Currency experts like Currencies Direct offer better exchange rates, and won’t charge any transfer fees. What’s more, you’ll be in touch with a currency expert who will help you decide on the best products for your needs and guide you every step of the way.

Friendly, Straightforward service

Having helped more than 220,000 people to save money on their international transfers, Currencies Direct have the expertise to ensure a simple and efficient service. You have full control of your payments using the online platform iPayFX or if you prefer, you can talk on the phone to a foreign exchange specialist who will help you get the best rates on your money transfer.  Currencies Direct guarantees your payments will be made timely, safely and with no transfer fees; they believe you shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege of sending your money overseas.

Rate Watch

Currencies Direct offer a‘Rate Watch’ service, where a team of dedicated dealers monitor the market and inform you by the phone or email when the rate reaches your target. Highly beneficial when you want to save money!

Forward Contracts

When you’re making a large value purchase in another currency, you’ll want to know exactly how much the transaction is going to cost you. A ‘Forward Contract’ allows you to fix a rate today for a payment you are going to make in the future. It’s an ideal tool when you are making stage payments on a property.

Registering with Currencies Direct is free and easy to do and takes less than two minutes.