Advice for Preparing Your Home for Sale in Northern Ireland


Showcasing your home

Selling your home is never an easy task. There is a lot of competition and potential buyers will want to view several properties before they even shortlist their favourites. In order that your property stands out there are several things that you should consider to give your property that extra advantage.

  • Your home should be clean and uncluttered
  • Your furniture should be arranged to use the space to best effect
  • Lights should be on, even during the day, to give a bright impression
  • Consider pot pourri or aroma pouches for fresh smells
  • Keep pets and children out of sight and sound
  • Gardens should be trim and tidy
  • Light the way to the front door and make sure it is neat
  • Make sure your street number is clearly displayed near the front door
  • Allow the potential buyers time by themselves to chat privately (don’t crowd out or hassle)
  • Don’t follow visitors into rooms as that may make rooms appear smaller
  • Turn off televisions and radios
  • Replace dead light bulbs
  • Fix door handles, windows, latches and creaking doors and floors
  • Keep bathroom and kitchen clean and smelling fresh
  • Ensure the windows are clean
  • Point out security features such as special locks and lights
  • End the tour in the best room so everyone leaves with a good impression

Remember to:-

  • Let your estate agent know where you are at all times
  • Make sure the sales brochure is accurate
  • Make sure the estate agent is aware of all the best features
  • Be accommodating when arranging viewing times


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Tips when selling your home