Advice for Renting a Property from Abroad


You’ve a chosen a property to rent in an ideal location at the right price and are looking forward to your new home. But now you need to sort out a deposit and regular rent payments – not to mention bills. Renting from abroad can be tricky; hre is some advice to ensure a simple and straightforward experience when renting a property abroad:

Set up a regular transfer plan with a foreign exchange provider to ensure your payments are regularly covered at your convenience by direct debit. Just set up one monthly amount, and the currency is transferred between your bank accounts automatically. Simple!

A ‘Regular Payment Service’ will provide you the following benefits:

• Zero transfer fees and no commission
• Low monthly amounts allowed
• Transfer any amount – from £100 upwards
• Flexibility if you need to change dates or amounts

Simply register with a foreign exchange specialist who will help you to set up a payment plan, work out how much you will need to transfer and select a date for the set-up of your transfer. Once this is done, you’ll never need to worry about your money transfers!