Approval from Other Bodies When Building a Home in NI


As well as requiring planning permission for building, you may also require approval from other bodies, including (but not limited to):

Building regulations

Prior to on site work commencing you will have to consult with your local District Council to ensure that your proposals comply with the Building Regulations. Either with a building notice (Intent to build so that site inspections can take place) or (recommended): A full plan submissions whereby detailed technical proposals including all plans, structural calculations and SAP calculations are provided for assessment by building control surveyors.

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Development affecting roads

When you apply for planning permission your application will automatically be considered by the Roads Service Agency within the Department for Regional Development. Even if you do not need planning permission but wish to make or alter an access to a road or do any work to a road or a footpath you will require permission by the Roads Service.

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Water Regulations Northern Ireland

The consent of the Northern Ireland Water Agency may be needed for your plumbing and drainage proposals should you require to connect to their infrastructure in any way. If you wish to build an extension or garage over an existing sewer or drain, you will need the consent of the Northern Ireland Water. NI water website should be consulted for details upon consent to connect, new sewer connections, consent to discharge and information relating to septic tanks where appropriate.

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Effluent disposal

You will need the consent of the Water Management Unit of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency if you propose to install a septic tank or to discharge effluent to a waterway or tidal waters.


It is an offence to alter or obstruct any watercourse including the piping of a watercourse without the approval of the Department of Agriculture

Archaeological Monuments, Listed Buildings & Designated Areas of Nature Conservation

If your proposal would have an impact on any of these, you should contact the Northern Ireland Environment Agency to discuss your ideas.

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Protected species

Certain species are protected by law and it is illegal to interfere with their habitat without special permission. If you believe there may be protected species on the site you should contact the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

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Other services

If your proposal will need the provision of gas, electricity or telephone services, you should notify the appropriate service as soon as possible. Including if any of the noted infrastructure requires relocation, or temporary disruption.