2 December 2016

Adams McGillan Residential & Commercial First Anniversary


“We grow up with bedtime stories, we go to school and are taught that every good story has a beginning, a middle and an end so get comfy and we will begin .. Once upon a time there were two friends, best friends of over twelve years, those two friends had a dream.

The dream was to do something every day that makes you feel better than you did yesterday and to bring that dream to a reality.

They had a vision, the vision became a plan, that plan became a goal because we all know that a plan without a goal is just a dream.

They developed that plan over five years, planned, replaced, changed that plan, shredded it, redid it and boom, they headed off with a forty eight page business plan and enough passion to raise the titanic.

On the 1st of December 2015 Adams McGillan was born, on a bright shiny corner, in the town of Coleraine in a place known to the locals as New Row, no donkeys, no baby, just blood, sweat and tears.

The stable needed work, lots of work. Over a few months many nails were broken, and some metal nails too! The journey began, the pair sat in a corner in their fancy new stable waiting for any wise man (or women) passing by to bring gifts of valuation, sales and lettings, they had little time to wait. Working tirelessly the pair worked nights, days, evenings, weekends and the rewards began to come.

The local town folks realised there was a new offering, a new way of working born with a vision of transparency, honesty and integrity.

A year later, the original plan adapted, grew, developed, changed and BOOM! The two dreamers bore a business which now employs more staff, pays two mortgages, a number of salaries, two cars and the odd kebab.

None of the results would have been possible however if it wasn’t for their sheer, determination, passion and down to earth approach.

That however was just the foundations. Backstage like all good stories, the main characters live. The continued support of their parents on a daily basis, partners, friends, families are vital and very very much appreciated.

The help from associates and fellow agents never far from their minds. The biggest applause as this story grows towards it’s end goes to their clients, many now friends, who believed in them, shared their vision, entrusted them with their biggest assets and who everyday make this passion and determination continue.

Most stories draw to a close with they all lived happily ever after. This story has no end. As it stands, there are many more episodes to come, the two best friends, take their hats off and thank each and every one of you sincerely for your support and hope to welcome new and old clients in 2017.

From the very bottom of our hearts, to our parents, partners, work colleagues, industry supporters and to you reading this story, THANK YOU for believing in us! Ross & Joanne.”

Credit: Adams McGillan Residential & Commercial

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