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5 Ways to Make Your Rental More Like Home

For many people, rental properties are the ideal home. Th offer flexibility to move and set monthly costs, however, they can be a mixed bag when it comes to home décor. There’s nothing worse than feeling uninspired about your property. This week we’re sharing 5 tops décor tips to make your rental properly feel more like home.

Make a gallery wall  

One of the hottest trends in interiors are gallery walls, a mixture of framed photos or prints can totally transform a room. Whether you want matching frames or a mismatch of different colours and styles this is a great way to add your personality to a room. If you’re not able to use nails or screws you can buy Command strips which allow you to temporarily adhere frames to a wall. Our top tip for creating a gallery wall is to plan out how you’d like it to look. Draw out on paper and mark with a pencil the corner of your frames – make sure you use a ruler!

One word, colour! 


Add some Colour

Most rental properties are very plain when it comes to decoration and in the best cases a blank canvas for you to express your own personal style. However, magnolia can also be a bit of an eye-sore if it’s left with no other colours. One of the best ways to break up plain interiors is to add a splash of colour, whether it’s with soft furnishing or framed prints it can help to reinvigorate those lifeless spaces. Another fantastic investment for any renter are rugs. Adding a patterned or coloured rug can lift a room and give it some much-needed personality.

Urban Jungle 


Urban Jungle

Add some plants

Plants and more plants, they don’t even need to be real. If you flick through any lifestyle magazine you’ll see that lush green leaves and succulents are in right now, they are also a great addition to any space. Indoor plants help to brighten up even the darkest spaces and improve air quality. Cacti and succulent plants are a great addition to rental properties as they don’t need much to keep them happy, simply water them when the soil is dry or use a spray bottle to prevent overwatering. Here’s a great tutorial on creating your own affordable terrarium from BuzzFeed.

Statement Furniture 

Statement Furniture

Make your furniture stand out

If you are renting an unfurnished property then it pays to be selective about your furniture choices, as they can make a lot of difference to your finished look. If your property is pre-furnished, then you could focus on improving furniture by changing the handles or lining your drawers with patterned papers.  Fancy something a little different? Check out our previous blog on upcycling your existing furniture.

Creative coverings 

Creative coverings

Throws, Curtains and contact paper will become your new best friend

Throws, Curtains and contact paper will become your new best friend. Do you hate your vertical blinds? Double up and add a curtain rail to give that much-needed touch of colour. Throws can help to cover up mismatched furniture and statement pillows can help to bring your theme together. Finally, for those of you who haven’t heard of contact paper, it’s sticky backed paper or vinyl which can be used to cover a range of surfaces including walls, floors, furniture and doors. With bright colours and patterns available you can bring your rental to life – without breaking the bank and can easily be removed when you leave.

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