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5 Kitchen storage hacks to make your life easier

Why is it that no matter how many cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, tins and storage boxes we have, we always seem to be lacking storage space? There just never seems to be enough storage space in the kitchen.

As well as this, it can be almost impossible at times to get your hands on things, whether it be that mixing bowl or the jar of pasta sauce you wanted to use to make dinner.  If you don’t have this problem and your kitchen is organised and you can easily find everything when you need it, congratulations, you are the envy of your friends and countless others!

To make your life that little easier in the kitchen, and help you feel a little more organised, here are five simple kitchen storage hacks that will have you wondering how you ever managed to get by.

5 Kitchen storage hacks you need in your life

Kitchen Hack 1 – Organised Fridge Storage

It can often be very easy to squeeze everything into the fridge after a big food shop, especially if you have a small fridge and are pushed for space. This can often make it difficult to organise your fridge, and you’ll just look to store your food in any space you can find. If you have a family, this can be an even bigger problem as we all seem to have a different shelf for the butter, milk, or pretty much anything.  Storage boxes could very well be the answer to your fridge problems.  Often used for organising shoes and other bits and pieces around the house, storage boxes (or fridge baskets), can help to keep your fridge tidy and help you get more organised in your kitchen.  Label the boxes to make it even easier to find what you are looking for, and where to put your shopping.

Organised Fridge Storage

Organised Fridge Storage


Kitchen Hack 2: Stacking Bottles in the Fridge

Don’t you just hate it when you are stacking bottles in the fridge and they collapse and roll about along the shelf?  Back in the days of being a student at Uni, this was likely your biggest problem in the fridge.  The dreaded wait to see if the bottles would stay as they are, or topple.  Some people have mastered the art of stacking bottles in the fridge, but for most mere mortals, it’s like playing bottle jenga in your fridge every time you grab a bottle.

If you have this problem, you will love this hack. Use a binder clip and clip to the edge of where you are stacking the bottles and voila, you can stack a 6-pack of beers or sauce bottles with ease.  If your shelf is a plastic shelf and not a wire shelf, a beer or wine bottle rack or magnet can be the answer to your problems.

Stacking Bottles

Stacking Bottles in the Fridge


Kitchen Hack 3 – Get your Cupboards Organised

Do you ever get sick of not being able to find that packet of pasta or rice in the cupboard? Or get sick at the sight of those untidy, almost empty cereal boxes?  Or maybe you have stock cubes lying about your cupboard.  If this sounds like your cupboards, it’s time to get organised with containers and jars.

Purchase some containers and mason jars for cereal, pasta, seeds and pulses and label them with chalk tags.  Not only do they look fabulously vintage but all you have to do is top them up. They are also a great way of gauging what items you are running out of.  As for your stock cube and spice problems, consider using old jam jars or Kilner jars to store these in your cupboard.

Cupboards Organised

Get your Cupboards Organised


Kitchen Hack 4 – Vertical Tray Storage

We’ve all experienced the tray avalanche at one point or another in the kitchen. You are attempting to pull out that baking tray to roast vegetables and it is sandwiched between several trays, and one wrong tug and all of a sudden the come tumbling down all around you on the floor.

This kitchen storage hack is so simple yet genius – VERTICAL TRAY STORAGE! You can create your own vertical storage unit within a cupboard or simply purchase a rack that can be placed in your storage cupboards to make life that little bit easier.  No more baking tray Jenga for you!

Vertical Tray Storage

Vertical Tray Storage


Kitchen Hack 5 – Another Great use for a File Organiser

Use a file organiser to store small items, particularly Tupperware lids by attaching it to the inside of a cupboard door. You will never have to fret over finding a matching lid for your plastic containers again.

File Organiser

File Organiser

Have you got any kitchen storage hacks of your own?

If you have any handy kitchen storage hacks of your own, let us know below or by sharing your hacks with us on Facebook and Twitter.