26 April 2017

10 Ways to add value to your home


Our 2016 NI homeowner survey found that 65% of the Northern Ireland public would make some form of change to their home if they were selling it, with tidying the garden and making minor decoration changes the most popular changes.  Only 3% of the public suggested they would do some major repairs to the property, while a further 3% said they would do a full renovation of the property.

If you fall into the 65% of NI folk who would make changes to their home if selling it, here are 10 ways to add value to your home before you begin your sales process.

10 Ways you can start to add value to your home 

1. Extend with a conservatory

While it can be a considerable investment, adding an extension like a conservatory or sunroom to your home is one sure way to increase the value.  This additional living space is not only a great way of entertaining guests in your home, but should you be looking to sell, it can add up to 10% to the value of your property.

Extend with a conservatory

2. Loft conversion

Another significant investment, adding a loft conversion to your home can add up to 15% on the value of your property, especially if you can get more than one room in the space.  Loft conversions are often a great way to add more bedrooms to a property, and while most lofts will have enough space to being a conversion project, it’s worth getting an architect or builder in before you begin.

3. Replace your windows

If you have single glazed or even double glazed windows, upgrading these windows, and the finish of them can help to add value to your property.  While PVC frames can be great and require little maintenance, looking for windows with aluminium frames can add some serious kerb appeal to the look and feel of your home.

4. Do some landscaping

Another great way of adding value to your property is by getting out in the garden and doing some gardening.  Whether it’s some decking, fencing and paving or nice garden features and a patio for entertaining, investing in your garden can help make a great first impression to buyers.  In cities, garden space can often be at a premium, and investing in your garden can add up to 10% of the value of your home.

Do some landscaping

5. Renovate your kitchen

A full kitchen renovation can be a considerable investment, but if your kitchen is looking a little dated and your considering selling your home, then upgrading the kitchen space can be one of the biggest ways to win over wannabe buyers.  Opt for a neutral, contemporary finish to appeal to as many buyers as you can.

6. Update your bathroom

This upgrade very much depends on the condition of your bathroom.  If it’s not too dated then a new bathroom may not add significant value, and it might just be a case of subtle changes like new tiles and a lick of paint.  Adding an en suite to some bedrooms can also help to add value to your property, and this won’t need to be a full suite.

Update your bathroom

7. Add storage spaces

A small investment that can really add some decent value in proportion to the spend is additional storage space, especially in smaller homes.  A lack of storage space can often put buyers off buying, but looking for storage solutions in space like under the stairs, your roof space, around the chimney breast or under / above sinks can really appeal to buyers looking for a new home.

8. Exterior look

We’ve already looked at replacing your windows and working on your garden, but making some small changes to the look and feel of your home can really enhance its kerb appeal to potential buyers.  Whether it’s painting walls, changing your front door, adding some cladding or even adding some steps or a porch at your entry can all help to improve the exterior of your home.

With the outside of your home providing a first impression to visitors and potential buyers, looking for small improvements here can go a long way to improving the feel of your home, adding value in the process.

9. Convert your garage

A garage can really add value to a property, but one common trait to many garages is that cars simply don’t get parked in them.  If you’re not using your garage to park your car, think of what you could be doing with it.  From a small apartment to a gym, bedroom or study area, investing in your garage and turning it into an area that buyers can use, can significantly add value to your home.

You could also look at expanding your garage to convert the roof space, but be sure to consult your local planners or builders before beginning.  Find out more about the planning requirements when converting a garage by visiting

10. Open those walls

Our final recommendation for adding value to your home is to consider opening those walls to an open plan living concept.  Whether this is an all-in-one living, dining and kitchen space, or an open plan living-dining or kitchen-dining area, the larger space that an open plan concept creates can provide serious appeal to many buyers.

Open those walls

How have you added value to your home?

Have you invested in any projects to add value to your home before selling?  We’d love to hear from you to find out what it was and just how much value it added to your home.  Let us know by commenting below or connecting with the Facebook and Twitter channels.

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