21 June 2016

10 Dazzling DIY Ideas for Your Garden Furniture




Brighten up your back garden with our top 10 DIY furniture ideas!

With a few spare tyres, planks of wood and fabric – give your garden a brand new look!



1. Changing your car tyres in the near future? Do not throw away the old ones. Give them a new lease of life and transform them into a unique garden seat or table. 

2. Moving seats around the garden have finally been made easier!

3. One of the endless things you can do with pallets in your garden – Pallet Swing Bed. 

4. How about something simple? Brighten your dull plastic garden furniture with a lick of paint? Quirky!

5. Hammock swing anyone? Easy to make & fun for everyone. 

6. Have you chopped down the tree out the back and still haven’t managed to get rid of the logs? Sand them, shape them and turn them into Trunk Tables!

7. If you have some spare concrete blocks out your back, they make for a good sized arm chair.

8. Invest in a chest & turn it into an awesome ice box.

9. Stepping it up a gear; how about an outside bar and bar stools?

10. One for the kids (& also the adults). Your very own Garden Bowling Alley!!



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